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Laser Hair Removal

  01 January 1970

Laser Hair Removal is the newest introduction into hair removal arena which provides long term, silky-smooth results. For thousands of years, people have been shaving and waxing their hair to get a clean and neat look which in turn makes hair growing thicker and faster.

Laser Hair Removal is a medical procedure where the hair follicle is damaged using the heat generated by an intense beam of light. Laser targets the pigment called melanin that gives colour to human hair, eyes and skin. Therefore, it is important to selectively target the melanin in hair without damaging the skin around it, especially in darker skin types.

We take special care to protect the skin during the Laser Hair Removal treatment by using specialist lasers for different skin types. We do not use IPL for hair removal as it is less effective with higher risk of skin damage. We use different lasers for different skin types, i.e. Alexandrite laser for lighter skins types and Nd:YAG laser for darker skin types. Combining the superior latest laser technology with fully trained and qualified practitioners increases the effectiveness and reduces the risks associated with treatments.

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