Laser hair removal for asian/middle eastern skin

Procedure Time

15 mins plus.

No. of treatments

6 sessions every 4-8 weeks.


No real downtime.


Starting from £20

At Aesthetiq Skin Clinic we are offering very professional services of Laser Hair Removal for Asian/Middle Eastern Skin.

No doubt these skins are very complicated to handle. In the past hair removal for such skin tone was very hard totreat asthese skin tones contain more pigment.

Asian skins have range of variation, so laser technician has to use the laser light intensity keeping in mind the nature of skin. Choice of wrong laser can damage your skin and you can face un-expected worse results.

At Aesthetiq Skin Clinic all technicians are fully trained and they have knowledge to use the right laser for the skin they are going to treat. We are using ND:YAG for the people having dark skins . According to our experience these lasers has given very good results on African,American, Middle Eastern, Hispanic and Asian communities.

Laser hair Removal for Asian/Middle Skin depends on the type of the skin to absorb the light. Light skin and dark hair is one of the ideal considered combinations. Dark skin has the more pigment that is why it absorbs more light and very risky and complicated to cure.

As Asian and Middle Eastern people have had different combinations of skin and hairs. So the best way to enjoy the optimized results for such skins is to schedule a consultation with our qualified Laser Hair Removal technician that has experience in ethnic skin type. He will do his complete scientific analysis prior to start the treatment. In this way you can have a safe and sound laser hair removal at Aesthetiq Skin Clinc.

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