Laser hair removal for Transgender

Procedure Time

15 mins plus.

No. of treatments

6 sessions every 4-8 weeks.


No real downtime.


Starting from £20

Experimental studies have shown that many of the transgender individuals are suffering from the mental health.

This mental health problem has some reasons like discrimination, stigma, lack of acceptance and abuse they have to come across on regular basis.

At Aesthetiq Skin Clinic, many transgender clients have visited who are transitioning at the present. They have shared their problem with us but the hottest one is facial hair problem. Many of them have gone through other treatments that have distracted them more. We have suggested them Laser Hair Removal for Transgender that is proper and complete solution of the problem and source to reduce their anxiety.

Our expert team handles them with great skill and assures them about the complete facial hair removal. We have answer of their every question to make their feminine beauty consistent. Our team provides them honor and friendly environment.

Many of transgender clients very resistant to the treatment because of the pain but we make their mind about Laser Hair Removal for Transgender is painless and long lasting. In some cases it gives complete elimination of facial hair.

Number of Sessions
Number of Sessions for transgender clients depends on the nature and density of hair. For dense patches more sessions are required and thin patches can be cleared with lesser session comparatively.

Price for Sessions
Price per session is same as mentioned in the Laser Hair Removal for Men.

Frequently Asked Questions about Laser Hair Removal.

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