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Laser vaginal tightening

Procedure Time

15 mins plus.

No. of treatments

6 sessions every 4-8 weeks.



No real downtime.


Starting from £20

All human beings are at various levels and healthy vulvas that have appearance in variable colors, sizes and shapes.


But most of the women in various continents and races are at dis-satisfaction level because of the cosmetic outlook of their vulvas. If you are at some uncertain level of satisfaction about your vulvas, here we have scientific and experimental knowledge for you that can divert your attention about what is normal about your cosmetic appearance.


It is natural, all women bodies experiences pregnancies, child birth, natural aging and in some cases weight variation. Because of these facts, women genital organs lose their elastic power because of weakening of tissues. In other words, we say that vagina has lost its tightness. This can be cause of less enjoyable intercourse. A tasteful and enjoyable intercourse is one of the tight bonds of the married life. Besides this internal variation in women organs, there is possibility of stretching of external vulva tissues that can cause Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome (VRS). We have observed VRS in women at the age of 30-40 years.


Because of the above explained factors collagen reproduction reduces. This reduction of collagen causes changes like less lubrication, infection, urinary incontinence and less elastic vaginal walls.

Candidates for Laser Vaginal Tightening

Laser Vaginal Tightening is non- invasive treatment suitable for all women that are in search non-surgical remedy. This treatment has shown very effective results for women that are victim of loss of vaginal tone and light bladder leakage.

Types of Lasers we use

We at Aesthetiq Skin Clinic use the following types of lasers:

  • Laser CO2 Treatment for Vaginal Tightness
  • Nd:YAG Laser
Our laser expert s suggest the candidates which type of layer is the best treatment for their aesthetic feeling after examination.

Who will do Treatment of Laser Vaginal Tightening?

We have male and female trained staff with the aim to provide you the best care with safety as first priority. Our staff will guide you the whole working scenario of treatment at Aesthetiq Skin Clinic.
We know Laser Vaginal Tightening involves the vagina and its surrounding areas that are entirely personal and our professional gentle approach means that we are too much caring about your respect and dignity. Our female staff will ensure you that our treatment is painless and can give you optimum results.

Pre-Requirement for Laser Vaginal Tightening

Before going to the treatment of Laser Vaginal Tightening, we require fresh Pap Smear results. This result will ensure your treatment for vagina. Our expert will do full examination to give you confidence that it is safe to perform Laser Vaginal Treatment for you.

Procedure for Laser Vaginal Treatment


The equipment used for Laser Vaginal Treatment is very simple consisting of hand held device having a small rod that is gently inserted into the vagina. This device generates a spectrum of laser beam that quickly trigger the natural regenerative process of vagina and connective tissues. Endurable generated heat stimulates the activity of special cells that develop elastin and collagen that are basic building block of the healthy tissues.

Results after Laser Vaginal Tightening


You will feel a change in your vaginal canal after the completion of first session but for the optimized results you have to visit us for 3 sessions.


When your required sessions will end, you will feel tightening of vaginal canal, improved lubrication, enhanced sensitivity and infection in the area has removed.

What is Down Time for this Procedure?


There is no down time for this procedure. You can go for this procedure during your lunch break but you have to stop yourself for heavy exercise for 3 days and vaginal intercourse for a week.

Discomfort and Pain during the Laser Vaginal Tightening


As it is non-invasive treatment, no instruments are used in this procedure. A candidate can feel a little vibration and endurable heat when a laser rod is gently inserted into the vagina.

Effects on the Shape and Structure of Vagina


We have already mentioned, during Laser Vaginal Tightening production of excessive collagen gives vagina more younger and attractive look.

Effects on Sexual Life


Most of the women have felt confidence in their personality and they have started enjoying amazing sexual life like their peak young age.

Specific Age for Laser Vaginal Tightening


There is no specific age for this treatment but it done by most of the women that are near menopause.

Number of Sessions


We often suggest 2 to 3 sessions in normal condition with annual follow up but sometimes this range may vary depending on the candidate after the initial examination.



Laser Hair Removal is the newest introduction into hair removal arena which provides long term, silky-smooth results. For thousands of years, people have been shaving and waxing their hair to get a clean and neat look which in turn makes hair growing thicker and faster.


Laser Hair Removal is the newest introduction into hair removal arena which provides long term, silky-smooth results. For thousands of years, people have been shaving and waxing their hair to get a clean and neat look which in turn makes hair growing thicker and faster.